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An Eve To Remember

There have been many debates regarding the sexiest holiday with our ladies at For Your Eyes Only (563 King W) and The Landing Strip (191 Carlingview Dr), but we have finally come to agree that New Years Eve is at the top of our list.

From the elegant dresses and suits, to the crème de la crème of parties, topped off with some bubbly and dancing; it’s a recipe for success.

So where will you be this New Years Eve?

Sin City, Las Vegas … need we say more?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… fireworks, champagne, roses, and an all day carnival/party before midnight, this place is pure heaven on NYE

Toronto, Canada… Unfortunately we won’t be able to host your New Years Eve party, as most of us are out having some fun of our own. But Nathan Phillips Square has a list of musicians, talent and fun lined up for an unforgettable night.  Maybe you’ll see some of us there 😉

So grab your favourite bottle of champagne (we suggestArmand De Brignac/Ace of Spades, if you can find it), put on your absolute best, share your NYE photos with us on our instagram @StripClubToronto, and bring in the New Year with style… And what better way to finish it off with a kiss?

We’ll be back open January 5th 2015. Make us a part of your New Years Resolution.

Happy New Years




She Loves You, She Loves You Not?

To all the gentlemen who don’t know how to take a hint – This holiday season we thought we would provide you with a couple of tips to let you know if the one you adore, adores you back. Take a peek at some of the positive signals she could be sending to you to give you the go ahead:

Touching her hair

We don’t know why we do it, but a simple toss of her hair is a positive sign she’s into you.

Licking her lips

A subtle gesture that will immediately draw your attention to her lips. She’s most likely trying to hint that it’s time for you to lean in for a smooch.


When you are conversing with a woman with folded arms and her body facing away from you – you’re wasting your time. Look for more positive body gestures like open arms, her body towards you, or the “lean in”.


If we’re looking for more information on who you are as a person, and giving you the same level of information in return, you’re on a good roll. And if you want more information on us, check out our facebook page


Goodbye hair pulling & name calling – we’ve come up with a more mature way of being interested. Teasing is an easy, non threatening way us girls like to show our interest.


If we’re inching closer to you, chances are we want more than just your body heat. 😉


The fastest way to tell if a woman is interested – ask a question where a simple answer CAN be provided. We know how to converse and keep a conversation going, so if our answer to your “How’s your day going so far?” is a simple “Good.” – we’re not interested.

Eye Contact

So simple and yet so effective. Any woman who is giving you some good old fashion eye play is either interested or you may have something on your face… we hope it’s not the latter 😉

When you start noticing these signs coming from someone in particular, do us girls a favour and ask us to dinner. Because there is nothing sexier than a man with confidence.