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Sports Just Got A Lot Sexier

Sports Just Got A Lot Sexier

THE LANDING STRIP (located at 191 Carlingview Dr) is coming at you NEW and IMPROVED, giving you gentlemen the ultimate experience. We’ve brought in 3 big screen TV’s to go along with our other 3 televisions to maximize your viewing pleasure, so now you have more than one show to watch 😉 Come on down to THE LANDING STRIP where you can watch your favourite game with your favourite girls. And the fun doesn’t stop there – here at THE LANDING STRIP, we want to make sure you get the ultimate experience – providing you with specials and prizes all year-long. So come on down and pull up a chair…. We’ll change the way you look at sports.



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Be Our Valentine

We wanted to make sure that all of you are prepared this #ValentinesDay with some suggestions for those last minute ideas. If you’re on a quick search to make your Valentine’s Day extra special (and spicy), we’ve listed some of our favourites below.

Play a Game of Cards

The limits and possibilities are endless. Pick your favourite card game and add your own rules. Strip, sip, lick… you get the idea. It’s fun, simple and something the both of you won’t forget.

Relax and Massage

We have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned massage. Get her favourite scented oils and make sure you master every inch of her body. It will leave her relaxed and ready to return the favour.

No Peeking

Thanks to 50 Shades of Grey (releasing Saturday February 14th 2015), women are opening their minds to different possibilities. Have her dress in your favourite lingerie and then blindfold her. You two can re-enact scenes from the movie or make up your own. Go slow and have fun 😉

And for those of you without a Valentine, we have just the solution. Come on down to For Your Eyes Only (563 King St W) and The Landing Strip (191 Carlingview Dr) where your pleasure, is our business.



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Who are you cheering for this Super Bowl?

Hello again to all of our sexy followers. We hope you’ve been keeping yourselves busy and having fun, but more importantly preparing for tomorrow’s big Super Bowl game. With all the excitement and fun tomorrow has to offer, I wanted to make sure you all knew what to look forward to.

Super Bowl Preview – Patriots vs Seahawks in Arizona

With Super Bowl XLIX fast approaching, excitement is building towards a classic matchup rivaling any we’ve seen in recent years. There are storylines abound, with veteran players looking to cement their legacy and rising stars hoping to leave their mark on history. And with the cheapest ticket on StubHub sitting at $8,000, us non-millionaires will have to watch the action at home. Luckily, we have a quick game preview right here, to get you ready. Our focus today will be the matchup between New England’s @Patriots potent offence and Seattle @Seahawks dominant D.

New England Offence:

Tom Brady is already a storied legend. Sunday marks his 6th career Super Bowl and his chance at a 4th ring. The appearance is already tops by a quarterback in history, and the potential victory would match Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana for the most all-time. Suffice it to say, that’s pretty good. Brady had no problem winning his first 3 titles, but has since lost to the New York Giants in both 2008 and 2012.

Brady comes into Arizona with the NFL’s best and most explosive Tight End, Rob Gronkowski. Gronk is quite simply a beast, scoring 12 touchdowns this season while knocking down any smaller defenders who get in his way. He will be a force to be reckoned with every time the ball comes his way.

New England’s secondary receivers are not as strong, but still find ways to contribute. Brandon LaFell and Julian Edelman can both make plays, and New England often surprises teams by changing up their primary targets from game to game. At running back, LeGarrette Blount dominated the Colts in the AFC Championship, running for almost 150 yards. Again, the Patriots like to mix it up, and Shane Vereen is always a candidate to see the ball.

After scoring 45 points against Indy, the Pats look primed for another offensive explosion… except, they are up against best defence we’ve seen in years. With that said,

Seattle’s Defence:

The Seahawks’ D is nothing to mess with. These guys are tough, and have stopped plenty of explosive offences in their tracks over the last 2 seasons. They aren’t the defending champs for nothing.

Leading the way is Richard Sherman. Brash, confident and borderline cocky, Sherman relishes matchups against big-time quarterbacks, daring them to throw his way. He intercepted Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship last week, and has 12 picks combined between 2013 and 2014. It will be interesting to see if Brady throws in his direction.

By Sherman’s side is the wrecking ball known as Kam Chancellor. The heart and soul of Seattle’s defence, Chancellor is a safety who lives in opponents’ heads, with the threat of a big hit looming on every play. New England players will look to avoid him, but easier said than done.

In fact, it’s impossible to list all of Seattle’s defensive stars, as they are chalk full of them. Everyone brings something to the table, and the unit plays together with confidence and cohesion. There’s a reason they allowed the least points in the NFL for the second straight year. Michael Bennett, K.J. Wright, Earl Thomas and the rest of the gang will be fun to watch on Sunday, as they go toe-to-toe with the Brady Bunch.

Overall, it’s a tough matchup to predict. Both sides have incredible players, and it will come down to the side that makes more plays on Sunday night. The beauty of sports is that we never know what will happen. Enjoy the food and football, and here’s hoping for a close one!

Who are you cheering for? Follow us on Twitter to find out our favorite team tomorrow.

Until then, XOXO

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An Eve To Remember

There have been many debates regarding the sexiest holiday with our ladies at For Your Eyes Only (563 King W) and The Landing Strip (191 Carlingview Dr), but we have finally come to agree that New Years Eve is at the top of our list.

From the elegant dresses and suits, to the crème de la crème of parties, topped off with some bubbly and dancing; it’s a recipe for success.

So where will you be this New Years Eve?

Sin City, Las Vegas … need we say more?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… fireworks, champagne, roses, and an all day carnival/party before midnight, this place is pure heaven on NYE

Toronto, Canada… Unfortunately we won’t be able to host your New Years Eve party, as most of us are out having some fun of our own. But Nathan Phillips Square has a list of musicians, talent and fun lined up for an unforgettable night.  Maybe you’ll see some of us there 😉

So grab your favourite bottle of champagne (we suggestArmand De Brignac/Ace of Spades, if you can find it), put on your absolute best, share your NYE photos with us on our instagram @StripClubToronto, and bring in the New Year with style… And what better way to finish it off with a kiss?

We’ll be back open January 5th 2015. Make us a part of your New Years Resolution.

Happy New Years




She Loves You, She Loves You Not?

To all the gentlemen who don’t know how to take a hint – This holiday season we thought we would provide you with a couple of tips to let you know if the one you adore, adores you back. Take a peek at some of the positive signals she could be sending to you to give you the go ahead:

Touching her hair

We don’t know why we do it, but a simple toss of her hair is a positive sign she’s into you.

Licking her lips

A subtle gesture that will immediately draw your attention to her lips. She’s most likely trying to hint that it’s time for you to lean in for a smooch.


When you are conversing with a woman with folded arms and her body facing away from you – you’re wasting your time. Look for more positive body gestures like open arms, her body towards you, or the “lean in”.


If we’re looking for more information on who you are as a person, and giving you the same level of information in return, you’re on a good roll. And if you want more information on us, check out our facebook page


Goodbye hair pulling & name calling – we’ve come up with a more mature way of being interested. Teasing is an easy, non threatening way us girls like to show our interest.


If we’re inching closer to you, chances are we want more than just your body heat. 😉


The fastest way to tell if a woman is interested – ask a question where a simple answer CAN be provided. We know how to converse and keep a conversation going, so if our answer to your “How’s your day going so far?” is a simple “Good.” – we’re not interested.

Eye Contact

So simple and yet so effective. Any woman who is giving you some good old fashion eye play is either interested or you may have something on your face… we hope it’s not the latter 😉

When you start noticing these signs coming from someone in particular, do us girls a favour and ask us to dinner. Because there is nothing sexier than a man with confidence.



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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

SiX here again,

I hope all my sexy fans out there are doing their best to keep warm this holiday season.  Been speaking with some of our gorgeous dancers and we have come up some tips to get you hot and toasty!

Open Fires:  Add a little romance to your winter by snuggling up to the fire with that special someone.  Even alone, a fire is a great way to warm up and relax.   A coffee with a shot of booze is a nice addition to this cozy activity.

Hot Tubs:  Make sure you find the place and the time to soak yourself in a glorious hot tub this winter.  It’s the perfect way to turn any cold day into paradise.  And if you’re lucky like me and have your own near a TV, watch the @Raptors while you’re in there…. clothing optional!

For Your Eyes Only and The Landing Strip:  Of course I had to include our very own Gentleman’s clubs…. why?  Because we have the sexiest women in the city ready to get your blood boiling.  And if you haven’t checked out our new website, I would suggest you start there.

And of course, the best for last…..

SEX:  The best way to heat up any cold day is by getting hot and sweaty underneath those covers.  Because everybody knows, the best way to cure yourself of the everyday chill… is with someone else 😉

Keep hot #Toronto. I know I will.



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Tis’ the season to be Naughty

It’s that time of year where the snow starts to fall, the malls become crowded, and everyone is faced with the dreaded fear of getting the perfect gift. Well us ladies at For Your Eyes Only and The Landing Strip want to help out our puzzled gentlemen and introduce you to the We-Vibe Plus.

Get fun and frisky with your lady, whether it’s having fun in the bedroom together or if you are miles apart – this vibrator is wifi enabled and can be controlled from roads, towns and even Countries away.  And yes gentlemen, they do have an app for that.

And if that special someone already has one, you can’t go wrong with jewelry 🙂


– SiX

Feel free to check out our Facebook page at for more info on our awesome clubs.

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MOVEMBER: Bare for Hair!

The month of November is one of our favourites, as we sit back and watch all of our strong men go from bare to hair in a fight against prostate cancer. But don’t worry Gentlemen, we wont let you do this alone – Strip Club Toronto is taking action and helping raise awareness by becoming one of your mo sista’s. Check out our Mo Space and donate! And to show our appreciation to all of you that are supporting the cause, our favourite MO donator will win our  VIP Movember Prize Package.

Whats in your Movember Prize Package?

1 VIP Booth (30 min)

1 VIP Access

$200 in Strip Chips

So get out your razors gentlemen, because this November 1st its your turn to “bare it all”  – and while you’re at it, throw some more support this way by donating towards Movember’s sexiest Mo supporters.




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The Bare Truth with Anaya

Name: Anaya

Location: For Your Eyes Only – 563 King St W

Gentlemen, let me introduce you to For Your Eyes Only’s wide eyed blonde beauty Anaya.  Dancing for 2 ½ years now, Anaya can’t resist a man with a great set of eyes and who can hold a conversation. A lover of classic rock (The Beatles, to be specific) and Jack Daniels, Anaya’s sense of adventure and curiosity keeps them coming back for more 😉

What is sexy to you? A lot of things are sexy to me. I guess anything can be sexy as long as it’s done right.

What is your ideal date: I don’t know – just a good time. Make me laugh. Make me enjoy the date rather than be awkward about it.

Hobbies: I used to go up North. I like to go camping. I’m very outdoorsy. I don’t look it – but I am. *laughs*

What is your favourite part about being a dancer: I love meeting new people and I absolutely love talking with the guys.

Confidence, sense of humor or looks? What would you choose? Can I say all of the above? *laughs*

Come on by and see our little blonde bombshell….because with moves like hers, you wont want to miss out



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The Bare Truth: with Taylor

Watch out boys. Her temper may not be hot, but she sure is. Taylor, our sexy redhead, bares more than just a little skin.

Name: Taylor

Location: For Your Eyes Only – 563 King St W Taylor began dancing 10 years ago after leaving her serving job in a local Strip Club. Having already left the 9 – 5 work life behind, Taylor thought she would give dancing a try so that she could travel and gain some freedom with her career.  Taylor’s fiery red hair sets her apart along with her free spirit and fun loving attitude.

What is sexy to you? “Someone who is extremely comfortable with themselves. Whether you are a male or a female – if you are comfortable with who you are I find that really appealing.”

Drink of choice “A nice bold red wine or champagne”

Favorite part about being a dancer “There are two parts. One part is that everyday is totally different and you get to meet some really cool and interesting people. The second part how sexy you feel when you are dressed in your outfit, heels and putting on a show. Its fun to put those 2 things together.”

Is there anything you want to add?  “This is a really great business to be in if you are really comfortable with you are and if you are doing it for the right reasons. You can have some really great experiences, like being able to travel and meeting a lot of great people .  It can be a really positive thing, which I don’t think a lot of people take into consideration.”

Join Taylor at For Your Eyes Only and she’ll give you a whole new reason to love the colour RED