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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

SiX here again,

I hope all my sexy fans out there are doing their best to keep warm this holiday season.  Been speaking with some of our gorgeous dancers and we have come up some tips to get you hot and toasty!

Open Fires:  Add a little romance to your winter by snuggling up to the fire with that special someone.  Even alone, a fire is a great way to warm up and relax.   A coffee with a shot of booze is a nice addition to this cozy activity.

Hot Tubs:  Make sure you find the place and the time to soak yourself in a glorious hot tub this winter.  It’s the perfect way to turn any cold day into paradise.  And if you’re lucky like me and have your own near a TV, watch the @Raptors while you’re in there…. clothing optional!

For Your Eyes Only and The Landing Strip:  Of course I had to include our very own Gentleman’s clubs…. why?  Because we have the sexiest women in the city ready to get your blood boiling.  And if you haven’t checked out our new website, I would suggest you start there.

And of course, the best for last…..

SEX:  The best way to heat up any cold day is by getting hot and sweaty underneath those covers.  Because everybody knows, the best way to cure yourself of the everyday chill… is with someone else 😉

Keep hot #Toronto. I know I will.